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All out action theatre

For many of us, when we think of wrestling shows we think of packed out arenas filled with larger than life wrestlers backflipping off turnbuckles. It’s not something you imagine taking place under the railway arches in Bethnal Green; and whilst Lucha Britannia isn’t exactly wrestling its electrifying entertainment to draw a packed and bustling crowd.

Lucha Britannia describes itself as all out action theatre and we have to agree. From the moment the commentator picks up the mic you find yourself immersed in it’s crazy world, engaged in the complex back stories and narratives as the Luchadors make their way to the ring accompanied by dramatic music and clever lighting.

It’s evident from the colourful masks warn by the Luchadors that a Lucha Libre style of wrestling has been adopted. Each Luchador has their own unique style, from La Diablesa aka the Pink Devil to Monito Alludo the monkey man who climbs and swings himself into the ring. You’ll find yourself cheering and jeering as the Luchadors spring into life, performing intricate moves and perfectly timed take-downs, flying through the air and riling up the crowd.

Have no doubt, this is wrestling but with so much more than meets the eye. Think risqué cabaret performances, comedic interludes and explosive side acts. You’ll ask yourself after a visit how you’d never heard of it before.

Lucha Britannia has numerous events throughout the year so be sure to check the website for upcoming dates. Tickets sell out fast, so you need to be quick off the mark. They also have their own Youtube channel where you can catch up on matches and key title fights. If being a spectator isn’t enough you can visit the school of Lucha Libre where you can train alongside the Lucha Britannia cast and learn what it takes to become a Luchador.

Photos by Damien Frost

Lucha Britannia Wrestling London Lucha Britannia Wrestling London Lucha Britannia Wrestling London Lucha Britannia Wrestling London

Lucha Britannia

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