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London's only Lighthouse

Trinity Buoy Wharf is home to London’s only lighthouse offering great views of the Thames and Millennium Dome from within the docklands. It is also home to the ‘Long Player’, an innovative and ever-evolving composition that has been designed to play steadily without repletion for 1000-years using Tibetan singing bowls.

A workspace, events space and arts quarter, it sits within interesting, vibrant surroundings: it is home to the London Parkour Academy, a sculpture park and living/office spaces built entirely from brightly coloured shipping containers. There’s plenty to do here and we recommend grabbing a burger and shake from the local Fat Boy’s 1940’s Diner or a coffee from the Bow Creek Cafe.

The lighthouse was built in 1864 and was a centre of innovation for lighthouse technologies, attracting platers, riveters and tinsmiths from across the country. Closed from 1988 until 1996, it then became what it is today: a bizarre but wonderful destination for an afternoon in the capital.

Trinity Buoy Wharf Trinity Buoy Wharf building artwork Trinity Buoy Wharf Trinity-Buoy-Wharf-7 Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse Longplayer Trinity Buoy Wharf Diner Trinity Buoy Wharf recording studio Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse Trinity Buoy Wharf Sculpture Park

Trinity Buoy Wharf

64 Orchard Pl

E14 0JY