Stunning chapel inside a hospital

You wouldn’t easily come across this just doing a Google search and neither might you really consider a visit to a hospital church worthwhile. This hidden secret of Great Ormand Street’s famous children’s hospital, however, is something rather special. Oscar Wilde was once quoted in calling St Christopher’s Chapel ‘…the most delightful private chapel in London’.

Restored and reopened by Diana, Princess of Wales in 1994, this beautiful ornate place of worship is dedicated to the patron saint of children and definitely worth a visit if you are nearby. There are regular weekly prayers and services throughout the year.

Elaborately decorated in a ‘Franco-Italianate style’ with columns, arches and a high-ceiling dome, the chapel draws on the theme of ‘childhood’ with little details in the delicately painted murals and patterns.

Most people would probably stumble across this chapel whilst patronizing the hospital under more pressing circumstances, so it would be a shame not to mention it here for others to enjoy in their leisure.

Hidden chapel at Great Ormand Street Hospital St Christophers Chapel St Christophers Chapel St Christophers Chapel Great Ormand Street Hospital

St Christophers Chapel

Great Ormond Street Hospital