Space Hopper Challenge World Record Chiswick

Space hopper world record

Add some extra bounce to London life and help the capital pop another world record under its belt by joining in with a flash mob armed with space hoppers. If you were thinking ‘Wait, isn’t a space hopper some relic from the 90s?’, you’d be correct. We’ve got Johannesburg to beat with 2,943 participants, so we really need to ‘hop to it’.

How? Take to the streets, that’s how. Located at the King’s House sports ground in Chiswick, people will be gathering on Monday the 29th of May (bank holiday weekend) in an attempt to break the record. Tickets are £12 and include the space hopper itself, so there’s no need to worry about carrying one on the tube. There will also be a bar, and a street market serving up some delicious grub.

Now the challenge is set, what else are you waiting for?

(Photo credit: Paul Stevenson)

Space Hopper Challenge World Record Chiswick

King’s House Sports Grounds

Riverside Dr
W4 2SH