Cult cinema in central

With a certain cult status, the Prince Charles Cinema in Central London is a unique celebration of film, music, and culture, and an independent establishment that has thrived on its reputation for being the most popular of its kind since 1991 when the premises were switched from a theatre to its current guise.

Showing a wide selection of films (in their own words, ‘everything’) there are cool touches, like ushers that will show you to your seats, a bar named after Tarantino, and a restroom cubicle named after Kevin Smith after he reportedly complained in jest that if Tarantino could have the bar, he ought to at least have the toilet.

As well as films, the cinema is famous for its ‘sing-a-longs’ with regular runs of the Sound of Music and Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as homage paid to classics like Dirty Dancing, Grease, and Moulin Rouge.

Got something you want to see? The cinema is also open to feedback, curating its seasons and shows upon recommendation from its customers.

The Prince Charles Cinema

7 Leicester Pl

020 7494 3654