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Victorian garden cemetery

Centuries ago, when London’s Boneyards became overrun with the bodies of its deceased, it was finally passed that seven garden cemeteries be erected to solve the problem. To this day, they remain a great point of interest, natural beauty and conservation in the capital. Highgate Cemetery, once the most sought after burial ground of them all, makes a fascinating trip, with views poring over the city.

Split into two sections, the East and the West, there is general admission (with a small fee) to the former, which is laid mostly to lawn and trees and where you’ll discover the resting places of many literary and political figures – from Karl Marx, to Christina Rossetti, to Jeremy Beadle.

The West, however, is admission by paid guided tour only and is formed of dark and twisted paths, labyrinths of Egyptian sepulchres, catacombs and vaults, making a gorgeously gothic and haunting afternoon jaunt.

Owned privately,‘the Friends of Highgate’ are a group of different people with a common interest in protecting the site from vandalism and rumoured vampires. All fees contribute towards the upkeep of what is truly one of London’s most beautiful resting grounds.

Stone horse at Highgate Cemetery West Guided tour at Highgate Cemetery West Catacombs, Highgate Cemetery Lion door handle Highgate Cemetery West Stone woman at Highgate Cemetery West Statue of a woman at Highgate Cemetery East Karl Marx head, Highgate Cemetery East Highgate Cemetery East Highgate Cemetery East Highgate Cemetery East in Autumn

Highgate Cemetery

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