Eerie tree encircled with tombstones

It might sound strange to encourage you to seek out a single tree in a cemetery, but this isn’t any ordinary ash. Amidst the stones and pathways, you’ll find the famous Thomas Hardy Tree, named as such to commemorate one of Britain’s most regarded writers.

Working here in the 1860s, when the Midland Railway was being built, Hardy worked to exhume graves and clear headstones from the path. Carefully, he lay each of these around the tree in circles, creating an intricate and unique installation that remains to this day.

Also upon the site is the St Pancras Old Church, possibly one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England – dating back to the early 4th century. These days, it’s a place of interest, as well as a destination for history lectures and candlelit concerts.

Hardy Tree surrounded by tombstones Hardy Tree St Pancras Old Church Inside St Pancras Old Church

The Hardy Tree

Pancras Rd