• Sun-Thurs 10am - 11pm, Fri-Sat 10am - 12am (Mon-Fri closed 5-6pm)
  • £5 per person
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Board game cafe

There’s something about this century and the trend for converting railway arches into prospering, independent businesses and Draughts, the board game cafe near Haggerston, is no exception.

A large cove of tables and a well-regarded menu plays host to a library of games – over 500. It’s unlikely you’ll get in without booking in the week or being sure to arrive early at the weekends when it’s first come, first served. There are tournaments, themed evenings, and workshops with real-life games designers if you’re serious.

The result of a kickstarter campaign in 2014, the cafe’s popularity in London hasn’t waned and neither have similar businesses worldwide. Board games are no longer for families, or for the nostalgic, they’re for anyone with an appetite for healthy competition and a sandwich. At least at Draughts they are.

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Draughts Board Game Cafe

337 Acton Mews
E8 4EA

020 7254 1572