• Tues to Fri + Sun - 11am-6pm
  • £10.50 adults
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Hidden botanical garden

The 2nd oldest botanical garden in the UK (behind Oxford University), the Chelsea Physic Garden was established in 1673 for apothecaries. Deliberately close the river to encourage its own microclimate, plants, trees and flowers thrive here, including the country’s largest fruiting olive tree.

The garden belongs to an independent charity who believe in the importance of conversation around the environment, as well as the medicinal and economic well-being of humankind, and provide the space as a place of education, with London’s oldest outdoor classroom.

There are walks, talks, and workshops, including a historical stroll that leads you through dedications to previous curators and gardeners that gave their time and love to the gardens, as well as themed events throughout the year. 2016 has been given the title of ‘Captivating Scents’ and so you’ll find lots of things to do centered around plants and their fragrance. The ‘Thursday Supper Talks’ are popular.

The cafe, Tangerine Dream, serves well-regarded food, and showcases beautiful floral centrepieces and decorations that are also available to order.

Entrance to Chelsea Physic Garden Gardening at the Chelsea Physic Garden Planting in secret garden Squirrel feeder at Chelsea Physic Garden Pathway into the Chelsea Physic Garden Bees at Chelsea Physic Garden Water the plants at Chelsea Physic Garden Secret Garden in Chelsea Green house at the Chelsea Physic Garden chelsea-physic-garden-10 Bee at the Chelsea Physic Garden Secret Garden in Chelsea Flowers at the Chelsea Physic Garden  Cacti room Chelsea Physic Garden  Green house at the Chelsea Physic Garden

Chelsea Physic Garden

66 Royal Hospital Rd

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