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Tropical oasis in the city

The grey of the city getting you down? Feel like you just need to see something lush and green? Well, before you hop on a train out of here, check the select opening times for the Barbican conservatory – a tropical oasis in the heart of the capital and the second biggest in London, after Kew Gardens. Plus, they serve afternoon tea on a Sunday (but you’ll need to request in advance).

While the Barbican itself makes a great visit, be sure to head on up to the rooftop to explore this hidden gem that not only bursts with greenery, but is temperature-controlled, meaning summer warmth on cold winter days. It is also remarkably peaceful.

With exotic fish and over 2000-species of plants, it’s an ideal way to whittle away an hour or so in the city before heading out to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Barbican Conservatory walk way Vines and creepers at Barbican Conservatory Scented flowers Barbican Conservatory Chillies at the Barbican Conservatory Tropical plants Barbican Conservatory Cacti room Barbican Conservatory Flowers hanging at Barbican Conservatory Vines and creeper Barbican Conservatory Tropical oasis Barbican Conservatory

Barbican Conservatory

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