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Immersive theatre down in the vaults

Consider this your final call to one of London’s most popular and immersive pieces of theatre: Alice Underground, situated in the Vaults just next to Waterloo Station, is a nutty, nonsensical experience that splits into a dizzying array of narratives.

It will finally come to a close in late September this year, after reams of critical acclaim and a nomination for a prestigious Olivier award. For the actors and actresses, the show is a physically excruciating, time-coded operation that will see over 650 audience members in one evening.

Thankfully, your only task, if you can get a ticket in time, is to choose the narrative upon which you wish to embark. Will you eat or drink? Grow or shrink? Take tea with the Mad Hatter at a fabulously curious birthday party, or join the revolution of the underground movement, rising to usurp the queen?

A seriously slick series of up to 24 parts of the story run like clockwork throughout the evening as you are led by a narrator into the whacky world of Alice Underground, each guest embarking on a totally different journey of their own. Where will you end up in this alternate universe down the rabbit hole? With the mock turtle by the lake? In the shisha lounge with a giant caterpillar? Or simply trying to find your way to the bar via the maze?

There’s only one way to find out.

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